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Futures Summit: Challenges and Opportunities in New Environment
At today's 2014 China Cotton Futures Summit, Feng Mengxiao, Chief Economist of China National Cotton Information Center, made a deep analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the new market environment. Key fiscal indicators of cotton spinning for 2013 Time asset-liability ratio turnover of current assets account receivable turnover Ratio of profits to cost Jan-Dec, 2013 55.78 2......
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CNCotton on the market: 77% imported reser...
2014-04-18    On April 18, CNCotton A is 19184, down 50, and CNCotton B is 18200, down 56. ZCE cotton CF501 fell 35 to 16240. Volume total......
China Cotton Reserve Auction Data (April.18)
2014-04-18    in metric tons,yuan/ton DateInitial OfferingActual offtakeUnsoldClearance rateAverage price 28-Nov24354 12312 12042 50.55%17......
T/C Yarn Price (April.11-April.17)
2014-04-18    T/C Yarn Price (April.11-April.17) yuan/ton MarketVarietyPriceWeekly Change Shengze and Jiaxing21S181000 Qianqing16S17500-17......
Cloth Price (April.11-April.17)
2014-04-18    Cloth Price (April.11-April.17) yuan/meter MarketVarietyPriceWeekly Change Southwest20×16 128×60 47" cotton twill6.50 3......
Cotton Yarn Price (April.11-April.17)
2014-04-18    Cotton Yarn Price (April.11-April.17) yuan/ton ProductsMarketVarietyPriceWeekly Change Carded Cotton YarnShengze and Jiaxing......
CNCotton Weekly Report (April.14)
2014-04-14  This week (April 8-11, 2013), domestic physical price declined. World cotton price eased lower. Domestic cotton yarn price d......
CNCotton Stock Report (April)
2014-04-09  According to NCMMS, as of April 8, average cotton stock held by sampled mills dropped 3.3 days from previous month to 33.3 d......
CNCotton Weekly Report (April 8, 2013)
2014-04-08  This week (March 31-April 4, 2013), domestic physical price declined. World cotton price eased lower. Domestic cotton yarn p......
CNCotton Weekly Report (March 31, 2013)
2014-03-31  This week (March 24-28, 2013), domestic physical price declined. World cotton price posted small gains. Domestic cotton yarn......
NCMMS: more acreage loss in 2014, old crop...
2014-03-26  The latest field survey by NCMMS forecasts 2014 cotton planting intention at 62.028 mil mu, down 12.226 mil mu or 14.2% from......

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