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Cotton decline to accerlerate--CNCotton Monthly Report (July)
Review New cotton has been a good condition since mid June. Demand from spinning mills was soft. Reserve sales remain slow. Cotton import was lower on a yearly basis. Market still awaits details of the subsidy program. Since mid June, favorable crop condition, a slow purchase by textile mills and a growing bearish tone in the market sent world cotton price steadily lower. On July 14, ICE ......
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North China cotton in good condition, yiel...
2014-07-23    High temperature in the Yellow River Basin is benefiting the new crop. Cotton plants in Dezhou, Wucheng, Xiajin, the key cot......
CNCotton on the market (July.22)
2014-07-22    On July 22, CNCotton A is 17908, down 6, and CNCotton B is 17196, down 6. ZCE cotton CF1501 rose 95 to 14500 yuan. Volume to......
China Cotton Reserve Auction Data (July.22)
2014-07-22    in metric tons,yuan/ton DateInitial OfferingActual offtakeUnsoldClearance rateAverage price 28-Nov24354 12312 12042 50.55%17......
Cotton price pressured lower by four beari...
2014-07-22    Since mid-July, the cotton price continued going down due to the prevalence of low-grade spot ginned cotton and absence of t......
CNCotton on the market (July.21)
2014-07-21    On July 21, CNCotton A is 17914, down 43, and CNCotton B is 17202, down 25. ZCE cotton CF1501 rose 30 to 14405 yuan. Volume ......
Cotton decline to accerlerate--CNCotton Mo...
2014-07-22   Review New cotton has been a good condition since mid June. Demand from spinning mills was soft. Reserve sales remain slow......
CNCotton Weekly Report (July 21 2013)
2014-07-21  This week (July 14-18, 2013), domestic cotton prices were mixed. World cotton prices declined further. Domestic cotton yarn ......
China Cotton Import Monthly Report (June)
2014-07-17  Reserve tender and sales continued to drop as textile business remained in a slack season. Despite a consecutive decline in ......
CNCotton Weekly Report (July 14, 2013)
2014-07-14  This week (July 7-11, 2013), domestic cotton price moved lower. World cotton prices declined further. Domestic cotton yarn p......
CNCotton Stock Report (July)
2014-07-09  According to NCMMS, as of July 7, average cotton stock held by sampled mills dropped 1.7 days from previous month to 28.7 da......

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