NCRMS is a public information service platform for the enterprises involved cotton through accurate online information communication to support enterprises to carry on transactions independently offline. It is applied the internet thinking and big-data technology to the traditional cotton circulation field for the first time, which aims to promote the business collaboration for these cotton industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises, also it can raise the cotton circulation efficiency as a whole. It is another practical measure that CNCRC performs the social responsibility of central enterprises to promote the progress of cotton industry.

The “resource” to be monitored by the new platform mainly includes eight categories resources involved cotton such as spot goods, cotton reserves to be released, warehouse receipt on ZCE cotton futures, imported cotton, cotton yarn and cotton products, cotton by-products, professional warehouse and storage, cotton transport capacity, etc. The platform will serve seven cotton-related units such as decision makers, cotton procurement and processing units, cotton enterprises, textile mils, spot cotton and futures exchange, cotton warehouse, cotton transport enterprise and financial services enterprises.

National cotton resource monitoring system is one of the achievements of transformation and upgrading works of national cotton market monitoring system. Based on the traditional way of information reporting, by using ethnologies such as large data, it makes a dynamic tracing analysis of the sales and purchasing information of cotton enterprises and projects market trends timely and accurately, it provides more accurate market information basis for the national macroeconomic regulation and control decisions.

As the largest producer and consumer around the world, China still needs improvement in the circulation of cotton. Cotton production, processing and marketing are separated, the information of resources and prices lacks transparency, and the information of need and production is asymmetrical. Besides, the ways in dealing spot cotton mainly including door-to door selling and “finding products here and there” are not diversified enough. The purchase and sale are separated from its service procedures. All the problems above not only make it difficult for companies to purchase and sell cotton but also cause a huge waste of resources.

National information platform for monitoring cotton resources comes up with the concept of building an “O2O platform for cotton around China”. It is essentially a comprehensive third-party e-commerce platform of cotton dealing, providing convenient and precise approaches for both sides of cotton dealing. Its biggest feature is that companies are allowed to start company-level O2O e-commerce platforms as they want, reaching a perfect combination of online information and actual deal which is easy to operate and free of construction cost. The entire platform is actually a cluster of companies through O2O e-commerce, which will attract more potential customers for all companies. The platform is also featured with independent and flexible dealing. Companies both in the upper and low reach of the industry chain are able to precisely connect to each other in information so that they can arrange all procedures including manufacturing, purchase, sales, logistics and finance in advance. This will, to the greatest extent, lead to the coordination among companies in all reaches of the industry and between companies and customers, the efficiency and benefit of the partner companies will also be improved in all aspects.

National information platform for monitoring cotton resources facilitates the on-line docking and customization of cotton in bulk stock, promotes the coordinated development between companies in lower and upper reaches and contributes to the innovation in the construction and operation in cotton-related companies. It also leads to flatter supply chains and more precise approaches in purchase and sale. What’s more, the circulation cost of cotton is therefore lowered, its efficiency improved. As a result, China’s overall competitiveness in cotton industry is improved.

With the help from advantages like policy study, professional experience, sound clients, market influence and information approaches from CNCRC (China National Cotton Reserves Corporation) and its affiliated companies, NCMMS, CNCIC and, the new platform possesses unique competitive edge in Chinese and even global cotton industry when it comes to the service of offering public e-commerce information through O2O platform.

The Slogan of National Cotton Resource Monitoring Information Platform is "Everyone's platform, Everyone’s stage”. Integration and inclusion, is the basic idea of National Cotton Resource Monitoring Information Platform. Whether cotton enterprises, textile enterprises, or cotton-growing organization, logistics and transport companies, or various types of cotton spot market, the cotton futures market, the platform can provide one stage of production operations for your help. The platform will continue to optimize the supporting services, and improve the quality of cotton companies and credit evaluation system to assist all cotton-related enterprises use the Internet to thinking, to achieve a new takeoff.

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